The enhanced criminal record search is an add-on service to our regular criminal record search. This search is done after the regular name based criminal record search and consists of a search of the following databases: Police Information Portal (PIP), Firearms Interest Police (FIP) and the Niche RMS system.

These databases are what are termed “Local Indices” and make up the local police data files for each individual police service. Should there be any negative information in these databases ( outstanding criminal charges, prohibitions, probations etc.) the search results will be returned as “Not Clear”. This result would suggest that additional investigation of an individual through Fingerprint processing is recommended to ensure that there is no criminal record information of concern.

This search is useful in a number of situations, most particularly when an advanced criminal record search via Fingerprinting may take too long. This search can be used to qualify all those who are clear of police involvement or when a higher degree of security is needed for a specific position.